about velvet venus!
an alternative sex shop!

Velvet Venus is an alternative and queer-owned sex shop that only sells high-quality, body-safe and premium sex toys!

All the sex toys and products on Velvet Venus have been picked carefully not only on the basis of being completely body-safe but also on the basis of those products being the best in their categories!

Each product has been chosen after extensive research, and that’s why we only have a limited range of the best quality products!

Our commitments: 

  • Providing a non-cishetnormative shopping experience
  • Providing only body-safe and high-quality products
  • Organizing feminist and queer events
  • Only providing vegan products

What we are hoping to achieve soon:

  • Providing more products with extensive and inclusive sizing.
  • Replacing the manufacturers’ normative pictures and videos with representative models of our own communities.
  • Making the user experience more accessible.
  • Providing solidarity pricing to people with low or no income.
  • Becoming more sustainable and environment friendly.

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Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.
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