Our manifesto: Liberation through pleasure!

Hey there, pleasure-seekers! We at Velvet Venus are here to shatter gender norms, redefine pleasure without boundaries, and create a space that celebrates the freedom to explore on your own terms! Step into the future with us as we challenge the notion of gendered pleasure and usher in a new era of inclusivity and radical self-love and care. At our shop, liberation through pleasure is not just a motto—it’s a guiding principle that fuels our passion for creating a truly transformative experience.

Body Autonomy: You gender your body and toys!

We firmly believe that bodies are beautiful and diverse, and they are not inherently gendered. It’s totally up to each individual to gender their body (or not). Unlike many other sex shops, we do not think that certain toys should be reserved for specific bodies. If a man wants to use a clit vibrator for his pleasure, then he shouldn’t have to buy from a website that labels that vibrator for women! We will never gender our products and we will never tailor our shopping experience due to cishetronormativity and the binary gender roles and identities!

Breaking Free from Gender Norms

Our curated collection of sex toys transcends traditional norms, offering an expansive range of options for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, or sexual dynamic. From futuristic vibrators and mind-bending dildos to cutting-edge bondage gear and innovative anal toys, we’re bringing you a diverse array of pleasure products that defy boundaries and ignite your imagination.

An Inclusive Shopping Experience

As we step into the future, our vision extends beyond just selling products. We’re committed to creating an inclusive shopping experience that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals. Our online sex shop will be a safe and judgment-free space where people of all gender identities (and people without gender identity) and orientations can feel seen, respected, and embraced. Expect non-gendered marketing and packaging that reflects our unwavering dedication to inclusivity.

Mind-Expanding Events and Educational Content on the Horizon

But that’s not all—we have big plans for the future! We are going to organize events like munches and play parties, bringing together a vibrant community of like-minded pleasure enthusiasts. These future events will provide safe spaces to connect, explore boundaries, and celebrate the diverse beauty of our sexualities. We are also going to organize seminars and workshops on sex, sexual health, sexual rights, queer liberation and other important topics.

Furthermore, our commitment to education and empowerment remains at the forefront. We’re excited to offer a wealth of informative and engaging content on our online platform. From sexual health and rights to queer activism and polyamory, our blog and social media channels will be a valuable resource for knowledge, enlightenment, and personal growth.

Join the Queer Pleasure Revolution of Tomorrow!

Liberation through pleasure is our motto, and we invite you to be a part of it. Our upcoming queer-owned online sex shop is your gateway to an inclusive, empowering, and radically forward-thinking experience. Together, we will transcend gender norms, celebrate body autonomy, and rewrite the rules of pleasure for a brighter future. Get ready to ignite your desires, explore without limits, and embrace a world where pleasure knows no boundaries!

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