Fun Factory Lady Bi

Fun factory

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Fun Factory Lady Bi is not your regular rabbit vibrator! This bad girl can be used not only for A-spot/G-spot and clitoral stimulation but also for prostate and perineum pleasure! This amazing vibrator is quite flexible and fits your anatomy comfortably and easily!

  • Two super-strong, rumbling motors for intense pleasure
  • Stimulates both the clitoris and the A-spot (that nice spot just behind the cervix) for heightened arousal and lubrication
  • Designed to satisfy those who like big sizes!
  • Made from firm-yet-flexible silicone for optimal pressure
  • Easy-to-control loop handle, even with lubed hands
  • Travel lock
  • Waterproof
  • Insertable length: 11.4 cm \ External vibrator length: 5 cm
  • Ethically made in Germany


Fun Factory Lady Bi violet

This long and firm vibe is designed to stimulate your clitoris and hit your A-spot, a pleasure zone close to the cervix that has been known to increase arousal!

two powerful motors

Equipped with two powerful and rumbling motors, this vibrator is crafted for size lovers who crave dual stimulation. Whether you need firmer pressure on your clit or prefer intense sensations from the shaft, the Dual Action A-Spot Vibrator has you covered. With the signature FlexiFUN Technology™, the vibrator offers the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness, adapting to your movements and delivering precisely the pressure you desire. The added length provides versatility during play, giving you the freedom to target the arousing A-spot or explore new possibilities.

Exploring the Pleasure of the A-Spot

The A-spot is located toward the back of your vagina, close to the cervix. Stimulating this area can heighten physical arousal and increase lubrication, leading to incredible pleasure. With its longer shaft, the Dual Action A-Spot Vibrator is the ultimate choice for exploring and stimulating this sensational erogenous zone!

Customizable Vibration Control

You’re in control of your pleasure journey! The Dual Action A-Spot Vibrator allows you to independently control the vibration in the shaft and clit extension. Create your unique combination of sensations and save your favorite vibration settings for easy access. Whether you enjoy low, rumbly vibrations from the shaft or teasing patterns against the clit, the Dual Action A-Spot Vibrator provides a world of pleasure tailored to your desires!

Prostate and Perineum Pleasure

Fun Factory Lady Bi isn’t just limited to vaginal pleasure! Its innovative design and flexible shaft also make it an excellent option for exploring prostate and perineum stimulation! With its powerful motors and adjustable vibration settings, this versatile vibrator offers a whole new realm of intimate exploration for anyone seeking to expand their pleasure horizons!

Fun Factory Lady Bi red


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