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Fun Factory Limba Flex is a dildo that shapes to your desires and can be personalized to your own needs! You can have fun by shaping it differently and discover spots that you didn’t even know existed!!!

  • Dildo you can shape as you like
  • Change its shape to hit the G-spot, A-spot or prostate
  • Helps with different positions when using a strap-on
  • Slim shaft and pointed tip, great for pegging
  • Sticks firmly to flat, smooth surfaces
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes to pick from
  • Ethically made in Germany
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Watch this video to learn more about this amazing dildo!

Shape it as you like it!

Showing how Fun Factory Limba Flex can be shaped into different shapes.

perfect for strap-ons!

Maybe you have also experienced that while wearing a strap-on with a stiff dildo, it is difficult to adjust the dildo to hit the right spots!

Well, this flexible dildo solves that problem!

This game-changer is designed with strap-on enthusiasts in mind! It’s flexible, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with a stiff dildo that just won’t cooperate. Once you’ve got your strap-on securely in place, you can bend this dildo any way you like. That’s right – you have the power to adjust it to hit precisely where it feels best for you or your partner.

But it doesn’t stop there. With this flexible dildo, you can introduce a whole new world of excitement into your bedroom adventures. Want to switch things up and explore different angles or depths? It’s as easy as bending the dildo to your desired shape. This means more variety, more pleasure, and more fun for both you and your partner.

PLUS, It comes with a very thin base which would enable your body to get reallyyyy close to your partner’s body!

You can also of course use this beauty without a strap-on and enjoy its flexibility!

Every body is unique, and so is every intimate moment! That’s where the LIMBA FLEX steps in, bending to accommodate a variety of shapes and angles. With this versatile toy, you can effortlessly hit the spot, no matter the body or the position.

What Sets This Bendable Dildo Apart?

Tired of playing the guessing game when buying toys? LIMBA FLEX takes the mystery out of the equation. If you’re in the mood for an extreme G-spot curve, just bend it that way. Want a straight shaft? Bend it back. This customizable dildo eliminates the need to switch out your toys, making it a breeze to experiment with different positions and playstyles.

And hey, it’s not just about action in the bedroom. The LIMBA FLEX is a fantastic packing dildo too! Simply shape it to fit discreetly under your clothes, and when you’re ready for some fun, just pull it out!

Ready to Explore Anal Play?

First-time anal play can be nerve-wracking. But LIMBA FLEX has got your back. Its tapered tip and slim shaft ensure smooth and comfortable insertion, especially when paired with a bit of lube. And if you’re curious about prostate play, just bend the shaft towards the receiver’s belly button!

Staying in Control

Wondering if it stays in position? Yup, it does! The firm wire at the core of this customizable dildo maintains your chosen shape until you decide it’s time for a change.

Choosing Your Size

Not sure if you should go for the small, medium, or large LIMBA FLEX? It all depends on your preferred style. The shorter LIMBA FLEX S is great for grinding, especially when your partner is in control. The longer LIMBA FLEX M is perfect for thrusting and offers better control and versatility during strap-on play. As for LIMBA FLEX L, it’s only slightly longer than the medium version but offers a satisfying feeling of fullness for those seeking an extra thrill!!!


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