Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator

Fun factory

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If you are looking for a powerful pulsating vibrator that hits your g-spot nicely while your hands are free then Fun Factory Stronic G pulsator is your best bet! A hands-free G-spot pleasure device that delivers rhythmic massages and gives you the most unbelievable orgasms!

  • Thrusting and pulsating G-spot toy, designed for hands-free pleasure.
  • Provides steady massage to satisfy your G-spot’s desires.
  • Curved tip for easy and effortless access.
  • Experience fuller, deeper orgasms with every use.
  • Super quiet operation, ideal for discreet use even in thin-walled environments.
  • Waterproof
  • Travel lock
  • ethically made in Germany by one of the best sex toy manufacturers!

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Fun factory G stronic vibrator
Your G-Spot’s ultimate thrusting companion!

Stornic G is an amazing toy that caters to your G-spot’s desires with rhythmic massages, all hands-free. Experience the sensational thrusting and pulsing action of our patented pulsator technology, designed to take your orgasms to new heights without any effort on your part.

Hands-Free Pleasure

Now, you might be wondering, what sets the STRONIC G apart from a regular vibrator? Well, it’s simple. The STRONIC G does all the thrusting for you, freeing you up to explore other pleasures simultaneously. Use your favorite vibrator to stimulate your clit or indulge in intimate moments with your partner. Try different positions, immerse yourself in a captivating erotica anthology, or engage in anything that enhances your session. With the STRONIC G, your options are limitless.

Mind-blowing G-spot orgasms on the way!

But let’s talk about G-spot orgasms, shall we? While the clitoris enjoys vibrations and other sensations, the G-spot craves firm and consistent pressure along with movement, and that’s precisely where the STRONIC G excels. Its curved design effortlessly targets and stimulates the G-spot, offering you various settings to choose from, including steady pulses and rapid back-and-forth thrusts!


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