Fun Factory Volta

Fun factory

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Fun Factory Volta is a jack of all trades! It can bring outstanding pleasure to the clit, penis, nipples, and many other erogenous zones!

  • Intense, deep rumbling vibrations
  • Tapping tips enhance sensitivity and arousal
  • Designed for clitoral pleasure, suitable for other erogenous zones
  • Couples-friendly size with impressive power
  • Convenient loop handle for easy control
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Waterproof for aquatic fun
  • 18.9 cm length and 4.7 cm diameter
  • Ethically made in Germany


The following video shows some of the great features of Fun Factory Volta! The video is made by the manufacturer, we will try to replace it with a video by Velvet Venus soon!

Fun Factory Volta
A High-Powered External Vibrator

This innovative device features fluttering tips that rhythmically stimulate the clit and labia, driven by its deep, potent motor. As these tips move, they enhance blood circulation and sensitivity, making vibrations more exhilarating than ever before. It can also be used on the penis or other erogenous zones!

What Sets the VOLTA Apart?

The VOLTA’s unique design brings a new level of intensity to vibrations, heightening arousal and sensitivity for an unprecedented pleasure. From the exciting percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to the classic vibration when pressed against your body, the VOLTA offers a spectrum of sensations. Whether you prefer a gentle warm-up or an intense experience, this powerful clit vibrator caters to your desires.

How to Make the Most of the VOLTA for people with clitoris

Fun Factory VOLTA offers various placement options—place the tips on either side of the clit, against the hood, around the labia, or with one tip against the vaginal opening. Experiment and discover the perfect way to enjoy the VOLTA’s vibrations.

Explore Partner Play with the VOLTA

Embrace the opportunity to include a partner in your pleasure journey! The VOLTA’s compact size and loop handle make it convenient to use during partner sex. Whether you crave intense vibrations or desire to share the experience with a partner, the VOLTA accommodates both desires seamlessly.

Exciting Ways to Use the VOLTA!
Powerful Clit Vibration:

Let the fluttering tips make contact with the clit, enhancing the sensation of the vibrations. Hold on for an intense experience! perfect for both masturbation and sex with a partner!

Penis Stroker:

Experience incredible orgasms by using the VOLTA as a stroker on the penis during masturbation. Alternatively, offer it to your partner during a blowjob for enhanced stimulation.

Playing with the nipples: 

Go creative with Fun Factory Volta and use it on different erogenous zone especially on the nipples and experience mind-blowing pleasure!

For Transmascs:

The VOLTA makes an excellent vibrating stroker for a testosterone-enhanced clitoris, catering to the unique preferences and needs of transmascs.


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