Lelo Sila Cruise


1800 kr

Discover a new approach to pleasure with SILA™. Perfect for beginners, advanced pleasure seekers and those who love buildable sensations! When you are closer to orgasm, you can press it harder against your body and increase the power automatically to avoid feeling a boring, stable drop when you are about to orgasm!

  • 8 settings from gentle to strong pulses
  • Quiet
  • high-quality silicone
  • Waterproof and USB chargeable


1. Soft Sonic Waves:

Experience gentle sonic waves that stimulate your clitoris without direct contact, delivering an entirely new level of intensity and satisfaction.

2. Big Mouth, Bigger Pleasure:

SILA™ features a larger mouth that envelops your pleasure zone, activating your entire erogenous area for a heightened and slow, sensuous build-up to ecstasy.

3. Extra Soft Silicone:

Crafted from premium silicone, SILA™ feels warm, velvety-smooth, and utterly luxurious against your skin, elevating your comfort and pleasure to new heights.

Gentle Waves Meet Ecstatic Heights:

Experience the distinctive sensation of SILA™ as its gentle waves delicately caress the top of your clitoris, offering an unparalleled surge of dreamlike pleasure.

A Bigger Mouth, A Bigger Thrill:

ILA™ takes your sexual experiences to new depths with its softer, deeper, and larger mouth, ensuring complete satisfaction from head to toe.

Unmatched Power and Sophistication:

Unlike any other air pulse vibrator, SILA Cruise™ sets itself apart as the pinnacle of pleasure, delivering a superior and more intense experience that will leave you breathless.

Worth Every Penny:

While SILA Cruise™ comes at a higher price point, its premium performance and ability to elevate your pleasure make it a worthy and rewarding investment that you won’t regret.

Take it to the Next Level:

If you’ve enjoyed other air pulsators and are ready to elevate your pleasure, SILA™ is your perfect match – your gateway to a whole new level of sensual bliss!

What’s the difference between Lelo SIla and Lelo Sila Cruise?

With Cruise products, you’ll experience a game-changing feature – a built-in sensor that detects the pressure applied during climax. As you press harder against your body, the sensor communicates with the toy, intensifying the vibrations to ensure a powerful and uninterrupted pleasure, unlike any other sex toy. Say goodbye to losing power – Cruise products are designed to keep you cruising towards ultimate satisfaction.

other than this feature, everything else is the same between Lelo Sila and Lelo SIla Cruise. Sila Cruise is also slightly more expensive.

A good Fit For People With Bigger Clitoris

a trans man sittingLelo Sila has a big nuzzle compared to other air pressure sex toys which makes it also a good fit for people with bigger clitoris including trans men and transmasc people who have been on Testosterone. The nozzle can fit an AA battery with a little bit room to spare. The depth of the nozzle, however, might be a bit small for some people who have been on Testosterone, which is not necessarily an issue and still can offer extreme orgasms however if you are looking for a bigger nozzle (depth wise), you can also take a look at Satisfyer Curvy 1+


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