SpareParts Deuce Magnum Harness For people with dicks


1600 kr

This amazing harness has been designed specifically for transfems and other people with dicks!

SpareParts harnesses are the most popular strap-on harnesses in the queer community and everyone who is a professional strap-on user!

SpareParts Deuce Magnum Harness allows room for the penis while gives you full control of the dildo and make it part of your body!

It’s cool, sexy and super stable and comfortable to wear!

  • has two holes, one for the dildo and one for the penis. Both of them have the possibility to be closed.
  • The penis will be quite comfortable both if it comes out of the hole or if the hole is closed and the penis is inside.
  • The O-rings are elastic and stretchable and is powerful enough for heavier dildos and big penises!
  • comfortable and adjustable belt and adjustable leg straps
  • Sliders on leg straps move into place easily.
  • Locking teeth securely hold the straps and harness in position
  • Comes with two bullet vibrator pockets which will stimulate both the wearer and the receiver
  • Hand-crafted and ethically manufactured
  • Water-resistant



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