Tom of Finland Neoprene Ankle Cuffs

Tom of Finland

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Show off your dominance with the Tom of Finland Neoprene Ankle Cuffs – a perfect blend of stylish elegance and commanding control! Elevate your play with a touch of chic sophistication! These cuffs come with a lock, they are super comfortable and high-quality. They are also easy to clean and water-friendly, making them a perfect choice for rough play.

  • Comes with a D-ring which makes it easy to connect to other stuff
  • Comes with a lock and key
  • From the official Tom of Finland brand
  • Water-friendly and appropriate for rough play
  • Easy to clean
  • Material : neoprene, PU leather and metal
  • Vegan

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Stylishly dominance

Elevate your play as these neoprene ankle cuffs effortlessly bind the ankles, offering both comfort and a touch of chic elegance! The cuffs, entirely fashioned from neoprene and metal, eliminate any need for leather or other materials, presenting you with a vegan and stylishly sleek restraint option!

Adjustable and Lockable

With a length adjustable from 17.8 cm to 27.9 cm, these cuffs cater to various preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The cuffs come complete with a locking buckle mechanism that adds an extra layer of excitement to your sessions!

Distinctive Locks for Added Thrills

Included in this set are Tom of Finland-branded high-quality locks and three keys that seamlessly integrate with the locking mechanism. These locks can be used to secure the cuffs’ D-rings or to interlock the cuffs themselves, allowing you to explore diverse scenarios of dominance.

Neoprene’s Unmatched Resilience

Neoprene stands as the hero of these cuffs, offering a unique blend of durability and ease. Unlike leather, neoprene is water-friendly and resilient against bodily fluids, making it an ideal choice for passionate, intense sessions that might involve fluids.

Craftsmanship Meets Comfort

The cuffs boast meticulous craftsmanship, featuring a plush neoprene interior for a comfortable fit and a sturdy external layer for security. The cuffs’ design ensures both comfort and durability!

Lock in Your Desires

The locking buckle mechanism adds an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to your scenes. Enjoy the sensation of locking your partner in place!


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