Trans Tape

300 kr

By wearing this trans tape, you can compress discreetly, and you can even wear it under the water!

  • Material: 95% cotton 5% hypoallergenic spandex, medical adhesive.
  • Size: 10cm * 5 cm
SKU: vhtrans1050a


Important notes to know about trans tapes!

  • We suggest employing this method for individuals with small to medium-sized torsos.
  • Please note that the tape is designed for one-time use, and we advise against wearing it for more than 8 hours.
  • Ensure that you do not develop any allergies to the material. To test this, cut a small piece and apply it to the front of your arm. After 8 hours, check for any signs of a reaction.
  • Do not use tape on an irritated area.
  • Before applying make sure that you have clean, dry skin and that you protect your nipples with cotton pad with moisturizer.
  • Never tear off the tape strips to prevent serious injury.
  • When removing the tape, apply sweet almond oil solution around and on the tape:
    • Start at the corners
    • Gradually remove the rest of the tape while applying oil.
  • If you encounter difficulties while removing the tape, consider using anti-adhesives available in pharmacies.
  • After removing the tape, massage the area with the remaining oil or moisturizer.


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