Showcase and sell your products at Velvet Venus

🌟 Exciting news from our community-based Sex Shop! 🌟

Calling all independent, small-scale, and DIY makers! We are excited to have collaborations with you! Our sex shop is dedicated to not only offering corporate products but also shining a spotlight on the incredible creations of small, independent, new or DIY manufacturers. Are you ready to have your unique items showcased alongside established brands? Read on!

🌈 Any sex and kink-positive product will do!🌈

Whether you specialize in crafting harnesses, lingerie, innovative sex toys, sensual body products, or any other item that we can sell, we’re excited to showcase and sell your works. Our aim is to provide a platform that celebrates the uniqueness and creativity of small and independent makers, ensuring our customers have access to a wide spectrum of pleasure-enhancing options,

🤝We can collaborate in different forms!🤝

We value the unique contributions of independent makers and recognize that collaboration can take many forms. We’re open to exploring a range of possibilities to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. nothing is too small and nothing is too big! depending on your preferences, we can reach different models of working and agreements!

💡 Why Partner with Us? 💡

1️⃣ Amplify Your Reach: Gain exposure to a diverse customer base actively seeking high-quality, locally made adult products.

2️⃣ Supportive Environment: Join a community that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the art of pleasure, fostering an environment where your unique creations are appreciated.

3️⃣ Collaboration Flexibility: We’re eager to explore various forms of collaboration and find the approach that best aligns with your goals and values.

4️⃣ Local Impact: By partnering with us, you’re contributing to the growth of our community!

💌 How to Get Involved 💌

If you’re an independent maker, a DIY enthusiast or a small company interested in collaborating with our sex shop, we’d love to connect with you! By filling the form below you can share your story and showcase your creations, we will then start a conversation with you about how we can work together to bring your unique products to our community.

🌟 Together, We Can Empower and Inspire! 🌟

At Velvet Venus, we believe that pleasure should be accessible, diverse, and representative of our community’s creative spirit. By featuring independent makers alongside established brands, we create a vibrant marketplace that celebrates individuality and supports local talent


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