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The story

As a community-based sex shop, one of our core values is to make pleasure accessible to everyone! We believe that everyone has the right to pleasure, and nobody should be deprived of this universal right because they cannot afford it!

One of our other core values is only having the high-quality and body-safe sex toys on our shop. Unlike most other sex shops, we don’t stock a vast range of sex toys, many of which do not meet the quality and safety standards we insist on. However we also know that high-quality sex toys can be usually pricier, and while we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, they may still pose a challenge for many people with a low or no income. That’s why we came up with the idea of solidarity coupons!

Who is eligible?

These coupons are specifically designed for people facing financial hardships, those with very low incomes, or no income at all, who find it difficult to afford our products that they like. With these coupons, you’ll only pay what we’ve paid to our suppliers, along with essential additional costs such as payment gateway and delivery charges. Essentially, you’ll be receiving these products at a cost close to our original purchase price, and we won’t make any profit from sales made using these coupons. In some cases, we might also give bigger coupons like 50 percent or 100 percent discounts. The frequency of these discounts will depend on our financial situation.

how to apply?

The process is straightforward. For each product you like to purchase at a discounted rate, simply complete the form on this page. We’re committed to reviewing your application within 24 hours. If your application is approved, we’ll quickly send you a solidarity coupon in the form of a discount code via email.

Trust in Your judgement!

It’s important to emphasize that the initial determination of whether you qualify as low-income and in need of these sex-positive products is ultimately up to you. We place our trust in our community and generally won’t delve into additional questioning. However, in specific cases, we may reach out to you for further clarification. We will try to come up with better plans in the future to make sure everyone can buy the products they like even if they don’t have a decent income.


In each application you can ask for up to 3 coupons for 3 different products. Each person will also only be able to have one application per month. If you have already applied for solidarity coupons and you have received them, there is no need to explain again why you need a coupon, we will know by looking at your previous applications. These limitations are in place because we are a new shop and have limited resources.

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