Air pressure sex toys have been increasingly becoming popular! Air pressure sex toys are designed to stimulate erogenous zones using sonic technology. Basically, these toys are touchless and feel like your erogenous zone is being sucked by air! They are designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex and provide indirect stimulation, which can be a much subtler and deeper sensation than that of direct stimulation with other kinds of vibrators. The orgasms you get with these toys are usually quick, effortless, repeatable, and strong!

Can air pressure vibrators be used by trans guys and transmascs?

YES. The amazing blowjob experience that air pressure vibrators give can be quite gender affirming for trans guys and transmasculine people! However, some trans guys and transmacs who have been on testosterone and have had bottom growth might be worried if the nozzle of these toys fit their bottom! Of course, nobody would like to spend so much money on a toy that cannot be used by them!

For trans guys and transmasculine people who are not on testosterone

If you are not on T and haven’t had bottom growth, then you have a bigger range of air pressure vibrators to choose from! Our pick for the air pressure vibrators is We-vibe melt! The packaging is not gendered, and It’s definitely one of the best air pressure vibrators in the market!

1600 kr
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However, We-vibe melt might be a little bit expensive for some people! in that case we suggest you explore other air pressure vibrators on our website here, all of the products on our website have been carefully selected and you will be certain whatever air pressure vibrator you choose will be a body-safe and high-quality one!

For trans guys and transmasculine people who have been on testosterone

If you have been on Testosterone for a while and you have had bottom growth, then we suggest one of the following air pressure vibrators as they have usually bigger nozzles than most air pressure vibrators in the market:

  1.  Satisfyer Curvy 1+


This affordable vibrator from Satisfyer has the biggest nozzle in the air pressure vibrators that we know! The nozzle fits an AA battery with some extra space! It’s also deep and If you have a big length, it can also fit your bottom! you can read more about Satisfyer Curvy 1+ on our sex shop!

2. Lelo Sila

Lelo Sila is another air pressure vibrator that has a big nozzle! The nozzle is a bit smaller than Satisfyer Curvy 1+ although it still fits an AA battery with some extra space. The nozzle however might not be deep enough if your bottom has a big length.

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1700 kr
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

You can check the other gender-affirming products we have at our trans shop!

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